Australian Palliative Care Conference 2017

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Dr Andrew Potter presenting at APCC 2017

Genesis CancerCare Active at APCC 2107

This year the biennial Australian Palliative Care Conference was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre and attracted both national and international key note speakers. This pre-eminent event was for anyone with an interest in quality palliative care at the end of life.

The theme for the conference was “Connection with Community”. The conference attracted over 800 clinicians, researchers, allied health professionals, educators and carers who all have a passion for palliative care. A lot of those who attended are the decision makers of today, the future leaders of tomorrow, policy influencers and those involved in the latest research.

Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre and Genesis Cancer Care saw this as an ideal opportunity to inform and educate those attending about optimizing the use of radiation therapy in the palliative setting. By having a trade display Genesis Cancer Care, Marketing Managers, Beverley Blakeway (Genesis Cancer Care QLD) and Rose Powell (Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre) were able to engage conference attendees and inform them about not only what radiation therapy can do in the palliative setting, but better inform them about the Genesis Cancer Care network and what our vision is. They were ably assisted by Dana O’Brien, who has just started working at ARC.

A highlight of the conference was hearing Adelaide Radiotherapy’s own Radiation Oncologist, Dr Andrew Potter, present to a captive audience of clinicians on Advances in palliative radiotherapy. His abstract submission, which was accepted as an oral presentation, is listed below for those requiring further information.

Advances in palliative radiotherapy: Tailoring technology to individualise patient care

Andrew Potter, Radiation Oncologist, Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre – Genesis Cancer Care

Advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment have resulted in improved survival for many cancer types. Patients now routinely have access to multiple lines of treatment including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and an increasing range of targeted drug therapies. With this increase in treatment options, patients are increasingly surviving for longer with metastatic disease, effectively lengthening the duration of the palliative phase of treatment.

Radiotherapy has long been recognised as an effective treatment for relief of symptoms including pain, bleeding, masses and brain metastases, and is conventionally delivered as a short course of treatment when symptoms occur. Recent developments in radiotherapy technology now allow clinicians to more carefully tailor treatment to individual patients’ circumstances. From locally advanced but incurable disease, to oligometastases or extensive metastatic disease, new radiotherapy techniques including stereotactic body radiotherapy (SABR/SBRT), stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT/VMAT) allow radiation to be delivered selectively to tumours whilst minimising dose to surrounding normal tissues, thereby reducing treatment-related toxicities.

This presentation showcases the development of new technology and techniques available for use in palliative radiation therapy, and illustrates their practical application to patients at varying stages of their palliative care journey, aiming to optimise outcomes and minimise toxicities. With a broader awareness of the role of radiotherapy in palliation, patients, their families, and their care team are encouraged to seek out the benefits of radiation therapy for each individual’s situation.

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Genesis Cancer Care Marketing Managers, Bev Blakeway (QLD) & Rose Powell (SA) at the conference

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