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Understanding the role of Radiation Therapy in Palliative Care was the theme, when one of our Radiation Oncologists, Dr Andrew Potter, gave an extremely enlightening presentation to a group of General Practitioners involved in the Palliative Shared Care Program.

GP’s who attended, learnt the specific approaches to the use of radiation therapy for palliative care in patients with cancer and the role this treatment plays in the goals for treatment of these patients. Common scenarios often seen by GP’s were discussed, and comment was made as to how valuable this was.

Common indications for palliative radiotherapy include: symptomatic bone metastases, brain metastases, airway or gastrointestinal obstruction and soft tissue lumps. GP’s also learnt about palliative radiation therapy emergencies such as Superior Vena Cava obstruction and bleeding.

Newer technologies used in this treatment such as SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy were discussed, as well as the significant attention given to planning, to ensure maximum dose to the target area but with minimal dose to normal tissues.

Those attending were also advised that Adelaide Radiotherapy accepts both public and private referrals and that with palliative patients we can often see, plan and treat patients on the same day, to ensure timely care.

We work closely as a team with patients, their families, carers, health professionals and community support.

Another highlight of the evening was a tour of our site at the Tennyson Centre, where it was seen first-hand what happens to patients on their radiation therapy journey. Everyone was intrigued by not only the equipment we use but by the level of sophisticated and individualised planning involved. A huge thank you must go to our dedicated Radiation Therapists who assisted Dr Potter on the night.

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