During Treatment

At your first treatment visit a radiation therapist will personally introduce you to what will be involved in treatment each day, this will include answering any questions you may have. The first treatment usually takes 20-30 minutes to allow time for you to feel relax with the new event, cross checks all treatment measurements and parameters and to talk through the treatment process. Each day thereafter, treatment should only be 10-15 minutes. Most of this time is used in ensuring you are positioned correctly. It most important you lie still, relax and breathe normally.

If an immobilisation device was made during CT simulation, it will be used during every treatment to make sure that you are in the exact same position every day. When you undergo external beam radiation therapy treatment, each session is painless, just like having an X-ray taken.

Once you are positioned as you were during CT simulation, the radiation therapists will conduct their cross checks then leave the room and go into the control room next door. It is from this outside console that the therapist closely monitors you on a closed circuit television with audio set up.

During your daily treatment the radiation therapist may move the Linac Gantry and treatment table to best target the radiation beam to the exact area in your body. The Linac makes noises during treatment that sound like clicking, knocking or whirring, these are quite normal and whilst the equipment can be moved when the radiation therapist is outside of the room at the console, rest assured, the radiation therapist is in complete control of the machine at all times.