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GenesisCare launches a dedicated Patient Experience team to focus on the holistic needs of patients and the little touches

GenesisCare's mission is "Innovating healthcare, transforming lives", and to truly transform lives we strive to care for the person as a whole. This means understanding the patient's needs over the course of their journey, to best provide additional holistic support above and beyond our core service.

Our patient experience ratings have come leaps and bounds in the past few years, and we now regularly see ratings that place us in the top one per cent of outpatient services in the worldi. But we know we can always do better to continue to make the experience for our patients truly world class!

As a result of an all-encompassing consumer engagement program, we are very clear as to what patients want. We have gathered our passionate people to help drive projects that will deliver patient requests - this team is called the Patient Experience team.

Focusing on the areas that matter most
Based on patient feedback, and in collaboration with our centres, eight focus areas have been established to ensure our patient satisfaction levels stay sky high (this mean a Net Promoter Score of +90).

Key Patient Experience focus areas

1. Rolling out a survivorship pilot in NSW to ensure our patients have access to care beyond our treatment.

2. Launching a Resilience Centre of Excellence to support the amazing staff who support our patients.

3. Digitising the patient experience to allow patients to have information at the touch of a finger - making life easier.

4. Appointment scheduling made easier to provide better communication and flexibility around appointments delays and timing.

5. Improving the billing and fee conversations to give patients the best opportunity to understand and ask questions.

6. Little touches and operational changes to improve patient satisfaction and ensure patients feel cared for.

7. Advocacy group engagement to better support patients with additional resources.

How do we know what patients want?

There are four ways our patients have a say.

1. Focus Groups
We hold regular centre-wide focus groups were patients can actively contribute their feedback in a warm and welcoming group environment. We encourage all staff to participate in focus groups to experience firsthand what patients want.

2. Surveys
The Patient Satisfaction Survey is an online survey accessible to patients at each centre to provide their feedback. Patient can access and complete the survey throughout the course of their treatment journey using iPads located in each centre.

3. Consumer Advisory Panel (CAC)
One of the best ways of enhancing quality of care is to listen to and partner with people who have experienced cancer and its treatments. Using this experience, our consumers provide advice and make an active contribution in the planning, delivery and reform of our services as part of the National Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC).

4. Consumer Representative Panel (CRP)
The Consumer Representative Panel (CRP) gives consumers (i.e. patients, their families and carers) a voice to ensure decisions are made collectively and we deliver on our promise of providing patient-centred care.

Here is some of the constructive feedback received so far

  • A variety of entertainment in the waiting rooms would be good.
  • Provide updates around wait time in advance.
  • It would be nice to have somewhere to put personal items in the bathrooms when getting changed.
  • Please add some new magazines (including more men's magazines) in the waiting rooms.
  • Different style gowns would provide more privacy when sitting in the sub-wait rooms.

Here is what we did about the feedback...

You Said. We Did.

  • We have installed a TV for the main waiting room
  • New SMS messaging system to improve communication of treatment times
  • Shelving has been added in the bathrooms
  • A great variety of magazines are now available for patient enjoyment
  • New gown procedure to better protect patient privacy

Meet the Patient Experience team

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