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Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre was founded in 1985 by directors Dr Geoffrey Ward and Dr Christopher Dibden. The practice originally operated with two Cobalt-60 treatment machines, five radiation therapists, two oncology nurses and two reception staff.

Growth during the 1990s led to an expansion of facilities and staff numbers. The first linear accelerator was installed in 1991 and a dedicated simulator planning suite in 1998.

The original South Terrace Adelaide city site now houses three state of the art linear accelerators, a dedicated radiotherapy CT simulator, mould room and three-dimensional radiotherapy computer planning system and a specialised superficial x-ray therapy unit for the effective treatment of skin cancers and other conditions of the skin.

In 1999 Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre opened the second centre at Flinders Private Hospital (link to practice) in the Southern Suburbs. This practice has two state of the art linear accelerators, CT simulator, mould room and a three-dimensional radiotherapy computer planning system.

In 2009 Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre joined with other private cancer care specialists to offer a comprehensive service at the purpose built Tennyson Centre at Kurralta Park. This practice has two state of the art linear accelerators, CT simulator, mould room and three dimensional radiotherapy computer planning system.

In 2013 Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre opened its fourth comprehensive radiotherapy site at Calvary Central Districts Hospital at Elizabeth Vale. This practice has provision for two state of the art linear accelerators, CT simulator, mould room and three dimensional radiotherapy computer planning system.

In 2008 Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre established our low dose rate brachytherapy program for the treatment of early stage prostate cancer. Patients wishing to access this program can see one of our experienced radiation oncologists to discuss how this treatment approach may be of benefit to them.

Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre is the leading provider of radiotherapy services in South Australia and the sole private provider. We provide private radiotherapy services across metropolitan Adelaide as consulting in country South Australia. We also have a contract with the Southern Area Health Service for the provision of radiation oncology services to public patients in the State Government Local Health Network.Our aim is to maintain high quality patient radiation oncology cancer care by providing timely, personalised and experienced service.


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At Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre care is provided by professionals from a range of disciplines, including medicine, allied health, nursing, physical sciences, administration, quality, information technology and patient liaison. Our skilled workforce cooperates to deliver comprehensive care that aims to meet patients' needs. We have nine radiation oncologists, each of whom visits at least two of our four treatment sites. Convenient access to our radiation oncologists along with their wide ranging skills, knowledge and experience of different organ systems and disease presentations gives patients reliable choices and ensures they are cared for by a specialist in their field.

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At Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre we are capable of delivering two broad types of highly conformal radiotherapy. 3D Conformal Radiotherapy (3DCRT) and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) . Both of these are paired with the quality assurance treatment delivery option known as Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT)

To ensure effective use of these highly sophisticated treatment options, patient access is arranged to one of our dedicated CT simulators. Images we acquire of patients using this dedicated CT scan can be fused with other imaging modalities like MRI scans enabling our radiation oncologists to better visualise tumor, surrounding anatomy and radiation dosimetry isodoses in three dimensions.

The information from our dedicated radiotherapy CT scan along with other modalities is processed and then sent directly to our sophisticated radiotherapy planning computer. It is this computer program that designs radiation beams to best accurately target the tumour, dosing it effectively and precisely, while minimising dose to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Radiotherapy technologies include:-

Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)

Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT)

Superficial x-ray therapy (SXRT)


Low-dose rate seed Brachytherapy for prostate

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